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  • 17 Aug 2023 5:00 AM | Ben Ellis (Administrator)


    Updated August 2023

    Now Available in Publications. 

  • 08 Aug 2023 4:56 AM | Ben Ellis (Administrator)

    Important Notice to All Members and Friends of the MTC

    It is unfortunate but due to several issues and conflicts we have no choice but to cancel our previously scheduled MTC Early Bird Recertification Class for Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator, scheduled for August 16 at the Talbot Agriculture and Education Center.

    Additionally, the MTC office will be closed starting August 8 for a minimum of 3 weeks. Unfortunately, I must undergo Lumbar Reconstructive surgery. I have managed to develop compression fractures in L1 to L3 of my spine and L4 and L5 have shifted resulting in a 1 mm nerve canal instead of the normal 20 mm.

    I will have very limited access to both phone and e-mail. Once I am again in the office, we will attempt to reschedule a class at the Talbot Agriculture and Education Center either late this fall or early spring. Keep an eye on our web page and Facebook account.

    Sorry for any inconvenience but we have no other alternatives.

    Thanks for you continued support of the MTC,

    Vernon W. Cooper

    Executive Director

  • 05 Aug 2023 4:53 AM | Ben Ellis (Administrator)

    The University of Maryland Extension's Fereshteh Shahoveisi, Ph.D. has put together an insightful resource that dives into the ins and outs of tackling dollar spot. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this article is a valuable resource! 

    FS-2023-0665 Turfgrass Diseases_Dollar Spot.pdf

  • 10 Dec 2022 5:41 AM | Ben Ellis (Administrator)

    QR Code for the University of Maryland Turfgrass Pathology Lab and Information. 

  • 01 Sep 2022 9:58 AM | Ben Ellis (Administrator)

  • 26 Jun 2022 10:29 AM | Ben Ellis (Administrator)

    University of Maryland Turfgrass Pathology Survey

    This survey is designed to assist the UMD turfgrass pathology program to identify the most important problems in the state and develop projects to solve issues faced by the industry and help to manage turfgrass more efficiently. Please contact Dr. Fereshteh (Angel) Shahoveisi at fsh@umd.edu or call 3014054355 if you have any questions.

    CLICK FOR SURVEY AND TO SHARE YOUR INPUT: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1y27OqGd5Y6D35iylA_CifSv_lEkd9Q17j_zcrSYU1hY/edit

  • 01 Jun 2022 8:43 AM | Deleted user


    Roanoke, Virginia— W.S. Connelly & Company (“WSC”) and Walker Supply (“WSI”), leading providers of seed,  fertilizer, and plant protection solutions, announced today the merger of both companies. WSI and WSC will begin  integrating business operations in the months to follow, however, both companies will maintain their brand equity in  the marketplace and continue to deliver on exceeding customer and supplier expectations.  

    “We celebrate this new milestone today as we formally join these two independently owned and operated companies,” Kevin Connelly comments. “As we went through the due diligence process, it is the culture of each company that  excites us most. This partnership will be most successful because we share the same passion to serve both our staff  and customers. Simply put, we are merging two incredible family driven businesses.”  

    For over 30 years, WSI has delivered some of the most innovative and successful T&O solutions, growing to a  household name in the golf, lawn care, and sports turf industries. Keith Perl, Mike Sekula, and Bob Windsheimer, owners of WSI had the vision to create a true family driven business. WSI drove the market as a locally owned and  operated supply house. By merging with WSC, WSI will continue to operate independently, yet will draw on decades  of experience to push the boundaries of service, innovation and customer-focused solutions. 

    Bob Windsheimer, owner of WSI states: “Our obsession with customer service led us to look for additional partners  in the industry. WSC is a natural fit for WSI to continue our path towards growth and customer focus. Being a part of  this family owned business allows our employees to have access to better opportunities. By combining our business  strengths, we will provide our customers a one-stop shop with over ten acres of warehouse space and a family of team  members passionately focused on earning our customer’s trust.”  


    About W.S. Connelly & Company, Inc.  

    Founded in the 1950s as a simple feed ‘n’ seed business, W.S. Connelly expanded across the decades to parent  multiple companies, all serving the agriculture and professional green industries. While the family business model is  increasingly rare in today’s business world, it is a third generation, family-owned and operated business. Through  years of hard-work this humble business has grown into one of the most well-respected turf, ornamental and  construction supply businesses in the country. 

    About Walker Supply, Inc.  

    Walker Supply Inc. is proud to have serviced turf and ornamental markets with quality products and  professional services for more than 30 years. Walker Supply is committed to providing customers with  dedicated service, product expertise, and local agronomic insight. Walker’s solution driven model has  proven to set the industry standard when it comes to agronomy planning, logistical service, and business  partnerships. 

  • 24 Feb 2022 4:53 AM | Ben Ellis (Administrator)

    The University of Maryland has officially announced the long awaited Turfgrass Pathologist for the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture. 

    Following is the official announcement to the University and industry professionals from Professor and Chair, Dr. John Erwin.

    Thank you for everyone involved in this processes as I am sure we are excited to see what the future will hold for the Turfgrass Industry. 

    Fereshteh Shahoveisi to Join PSLA as the New Turfgrass Pathologist

    Dr. Shahoveisi will be joining our department by May 1.  She will be accompanied by her husband, Seyedali Hosseinirad.  Seyedali is currently finishing his PhD at NDSU in wheat breeding and will be joining Dr. VJ Tiwari’s research program in our department as a postdoc after graduation.

    Dr. Shahoveisi is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Plant Pathology at North Dakota State University (NDSU).  She received her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Plant Pathology from Tehran University and her PhD in Plant Pathology from NDSU.  She also holds a College Teaching Certificate.  Her thesis title was “Characterizing genetics of host resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and epidemiology of the disease in Brassica napus L.”  In addition to her strong plant pathology background, she brings unique expertise in epidemiology statistics and nematology to our department. She has taught coursework in both Plant Pathology and Plant Disease Epidemiology. She has published in several refereed scientific journals, written extension bulletins, and has given numerous scientific and extension presentations.  She has worked on various issues in plant pathology across a wide range of plant species, including grasses, on different continents.

    Other areas of expertise/areas of interest Dr. Shahoveisi has include a) statistical analyses (using multiple software including R and SAS), b) conducting Verticillium wilt disease field trials for NDSU and companies such as Bayer and Syngenta including field map proofing, assessment of temporal disease progress, processing the samples, conducting qPCR assays, and statistical analyses, c) analyzing sequencing data and conducting genetic (QTL) mapping studies including GWAS and bi-parental mapping, d) conducting population genetic analyses on black dot disease of potato to study the emergence and adaptation of the pathogen in different continents, and evaluating the application of image processing and deep learning in the detection of plant diseases using rust disease as a model, and e) advising the scientific team of SafteySpect Inc. in plant disease management practices and co-investigator in SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Phase I proposals to study the application of UVB and UVC lights along with machine learning algorithms (CSI-Dtechnology) in the detection and management of plant diseases. 

    The great work of the Turfgrass Pathology Search Committee needs to be acknowledged.  They did an exceptional job attracting a number of great candidates, organizing a search process and presenting a thorough evaluation of candidates and summation of input that they received.  Thanks to all those that participated in the department.  

    I would also like to thank the Dean for approving the refilling of this position and participating in the search process (as well as the Associate Deans).  The Turfgrass industries also need to be acknowledged for their longstanding support of UMD and their participation in the search process.  I am sure Fereshteh will be a welcome addition to the turfgrass team.

    John Erwin

    Professor and Chair

    Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

    (We grow the food you eat and design the landscapes we live in.)

    University of Maryland - College Park

  • 01 May 2021 5:04 PM | Ben Ellis (Administrator)

    Register Here

    Topic: Brood X: Billions of cicadas may be coming soon to trees near you


    Billions of cicadas may be coming soon to trees near you! One of the largest groups of 17-year cicadas, Brood X, last emerged from underground in 2004. The next generation will begin arriving in April 2021.

    Join W.S. Connelly Companies and Stanton Gill; University of Maryland's IPM and Entomologist to learn how one of the largest broods of 17-year cicadas will emerge from underground in a dozen states, from New York west to Illinois and south into northern Georgia.

    These events raise many questions for entomologists and the public alike. What do cicadas do underground for 13 or 17 years? What do they eat? Why are their life cycles so long? Why are they synchronized? And is climate change affecting this wonder of the insect world?


    May 4, 2021 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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